Live Cargo

We recognise the importance of a personal touch and the care required when transporting live animals. Whether it’s your pet, an exotic animal or livestock, at RJ Cargo we provide the care and attention required to guarantee your animals a safe and smooth journey to their destination.

We provide the highest levels of comfort, safety and hygiene for your animals either on-board our passenger flights, or on our dedicated cargo flights. For the transportation of horses, we offer custom-built stalls have systems in place to ensure a fast processing time and high level of care in-flight from our professional ‘load-masters’. We can provide advice on all the required documentation and transportation containers to meet international regulations.

We have a special quarantine area available at our terminal in case an animal shows symptoms of a disease. Storage of live animals is not available and animals need to be collected upon arrival. For imports into Jordan, an import licence from the Ministry of Agriculture is required.

To find out more information about transporting live animals, please don't hesitate to contact RJ Cargo offices at Queen Alia International Airport, Amman. Our expert staff are always happy to assist you.


New Restriction,

We need to inform you that that greyhound dogs moves from Europe to Fareast for commercial purposes are prohibited  with immediate effect.