Company Overview

The National Carrier and Jordan's Ambassador to the World

“I want our national carrier to be the ambassador of goodwill and the bridge across which we exchange culture, civilization, trade, technology, friendship and better understanding with the rest of the world.”  - King Hussein Bin Talal, 1963

Growth in Size and Reputation

Royal Jordanian’s role as Jordan’s national carrier was established in 1963.  Now under the guidance of His Majesty King Abdullah II, we have ascended from humble beginnings to become one of the elite members of a global alliance.  Not only have we grown in size, our reputation has been cemented in the public eye through our full membership in oneworld since 2007, becoming the first Arab airline to join. 

Strategic Location

With its modern hub and state of the art facilities at Queen Alia International Airport, the RJ Cargo division of the airline was founded to support RJ’s vision of being the airline of choice connecting Jordan and the Levant with the world.  Strategically located in Amman, Royal Jordanian's central cargo hub provides the ideal location through Europe, Asia, Africa, and anywhere in the Middle East can be easily reached. 

Global Reach and Recognition

RJ operates over 500 flights per week to more than 56 destinations across 4 continents.  With an ever expanding fleet of aircraft, RJ regularly receives awards and recognition for its outstanding quality and customer service.  In 2010 it was voted ‘Airline of the Year’ by the Arabian Business magazine.  In 2009 Air Cargo World magazine awarded Royal Jordanian the ‘Air Cargo Award of Excellence’ in the Air Carrier category, following its annual Air Cargo Excellence Survey. 

Business Excellence

RJ Cargo is committed to business excellence by satisfying and exceeding our customer’s expectations.  We are always looking to fly to new destinations and serve emerging markets in accordance with our customer’s wishes.