Hub in Amman

Your shipment will be quickly and efficiently processed and sped on its way through our state-of-the-art facilities in the RJ Cargo Hub at Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) in Amman.  Wherever you are shipping from, we aim to process your cargo through our terminal and deliver it on the same day.  Our highly trained staff are experienced in handling your specialist cargo. 

RJ Cargo Hub Facilities include:

  • Fast and reliable information systems and automated terminal storage operations to ensure the safe processing and tracking of shipments.
  • Assured shipment security provided by guards, closed circuit TV and access control (230 cameras spread throughout the warehouses and surrounding areas).
  • Special storage areas:
    • Cold storage (+2 to +8°C) for foodstuffs, vaccines and perishables.
    • Deep freeze storage (-20°C) for seafood and processed foods.
    • Climate controlled facility for export of fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • Safe-Room storage for valuables.
    • Isolated area for dangerous goods.   
    • Isolated area for radioactive materials. 
    • Cool storage for human remains.
    • Live animal area for comfortable arrival or stopover. 
  • Spacious warehouse facilities:
    • Large Import / Export warehouses of over 17,000 square meters.
    • Modern fleet of over 20 elevation transportation vehicles, forklift trucks and pallet transporters.
    • Capacity for 360 aircraft pallet positions and a tracking system with 7,400 Euro pallet positions.


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