Cargo Terminal at QAIA

Terminal Facilities

Queen Alia International Airport/Amman hosts our state-of-the-art air freight terminal where your cargo will be quickly and efficiently handled and sped on its way, usually with same-day arrival to final destinations, no matter where the point of origin.

Facility highlights include: 

  • Imports/Exports warehouse 

    • Spacious warehouses of over 17,000 square meters. 
    • Capability for 360 aircraft pallet positions. 
    • Two ETV'S (Elevation Transportation Vehicles) and 16 electric forklifts operating 24 hours, in addition to five ultra-modern forklifts capable of operating in narrow aisle racking systems. 
    • Four pallet transporters. 
    • A racking system with 7400 Euro Pallet positions covering the Cargo Export and Import areas. 
  • Special storage areas 

    • 168 cubic meters of cold storage for foodstuffs, vaccines and perishables. 
    • 112 cubic meters of deep-freeze for seafood and processed foods. 
    • 2,300 cubic meter controlled facility for fresh fruits and vegetables (Export only). 
    • 110 cubic meter Safe-Room for valuables. 
    • 392 cubic meters allocated for isolating dangerous goods. 
    • 74 cubic meters allocated for isolating radioactive materials. 
    • One Human Remains Cooling Facility that can accommodate up to four shipments. 
  • Terminal operations are automated for both storage and information systems. 
  • Closed Circuit TV and Access Control: Our Warehouse is fully secure with 230 cameras spread throughout the warehouse and surrounding areas.